DAG 181-80

The AED181-80l mixing and supply system has been specially designed to supply sprayers in forging operations, the harsh conditions have been taken into account in the design.The system is specifically designed to handle water-based, concentrated, pigmented release agents with a maximum viscosity of 3000mPas. It allows precise mixing and preparation according to the process release agent preparation recommendations.


  • Tank made of plastic
  • All media lines and screw connections made of plastic or VA
  • Piston diaphragm pumps for circulation and delivery
  • Circulation to avoid settling
  • Easy to maintain due to clear arrangement of components
  • Connection for flow and return allow a ring line to the sprayer


  • Mixing and dosing pump KDP
  • Collecting tray according to WHG
  • Connection for hand spray gun
  • Larger pressure pump for higher delivery capacity.