DAG 181-183 BMS
Dosing,- Mixing- and Supply System for Water Based Lubricants

The DAG 183 BMS automatic dilution-, mixing- and supply-system is specially developed to handle water based, concentrated graphite dispersions, but is also suitable for non-pigmented lubricants. This system is engineered for best performance – every part of the system is selected of best practice technologies and combined to a leading edge system.

DAG 183 BMS is allowing exact dosing, mixing and supplying of a lubricant concentrate according to the recommendations of the lubricant supplier. The system is available as stand-alone solution but also as integral part of an automated spraying system. A full visualization of the process on the user interface is facilitating the operation in daily use – both using a stand-alone control as well as an integrated control.


  • Accurate dosing according to programmed dilution ratio
  • Perfect mixing, gentle media processing
  • Closed system for reduced bacterial infection
  • Clean lubricant handling
  • Integrated control system (or stand-alone control)
  • High supply rates – even for big spraying tools or multiple spraying tools
  • Reliable operation, high utilization
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Multiple media circulation circuits
  • Ease of operation through process visualization
  • Change of lube container without interruption of production
  • Fully automated operation


  • Two dilution rates (2 outputs)
  • Small version
  • High capacity pumps
  • Handgun connection
  • 200 kg drum version or IBC version
DAG 183 BMS working principle

Working Principle

A diaphragm pump supplies the graphite dispersion into the intermediate tank. The pump is placed near to the product container.

  • The intermediate tank (column) (1) is on the back side of the system
  • From this intermediate tank a quantified amount of graphite dispersion is pumped (2) into the dilution tank (3).
  • (4) Water will be dosed into the dilution tank using a water meter.
  • Whilst dosing the stirrer (5) is active.
  • After homogenization the diluted dispersion flows to the supply tank beneath (6).
  • A diaphragm pump (7) supplies the mixture to spray equipment.
  • A return valve (8) is stopping circulation whilst the spray system is spraying.

Technical Data
DAG 183 BMS Standard (I)

183 BMS w. IBC Platform H=2350mm/4100mm, W=1400mm D=2360mm
183 BMS with 220 kg Drum Lift System H=2350mm, W=1400mm, D=2200mm


Concentrate drum station with lift assembly
Standard Steel drum DIN ISO 220 Kg
Concentrate stirrer 100 rpm 0,37 kW
Concentrate transport pneumatic  
diaphragm pump 24 liters / min
Operating mode filling or circulation

Concentrate level control and spare buffer reservoir 50 liters
Level control guided micro wave
Full level 30 litres
Alarm level 15 liters
Empty level 0 liters
Water Flow meter 1 ½", resolution 100 ml / impulse
Metering diaphragm pump for concentrate 24 liters / min
Dosing volume per stroke 400 ml

Technical Data
DAG 183 BMS Standard (II)

Mixing system
Mixing ratio 1:2 – 1:30 ± 5%
Batch mixing capacity 20 liters / min
Paddle stirrer 100 rpm 0,37kW
Preparation tank 1.4305 25 liters
Level control Sonic fork sensors
Full level 25 liters
Empty level 0 liters

Dilution/Supply tank
Type 80 liters volume pressure less
Slow turning, effective paddle stirrer 100 rpm / 0,37 kW
Level control Sonic fork sensors plus hydrostatic pressure sensor
Full level 80 liters
Refill level 60 liters
Empty level 0 liters
Pressure generation pneumatic 1” diaphragm pump
Delivery rate ≤ 2 liters / s


Energy Supply
Electrical Supply 3 x 400V +/- 10 %; 50 – 60 Hz; 2 kVA
Operating pressure Air 6 bar
Ambient Temperature +5 to 40 °C