AED 600 ST

  • AED 600 ST is designed as stationary spraying system in forging environments.
  • The modular design allows different setups from one nozzle up to 8 nozzles.
  • Each nozzle can be used for blowing, cooling and lubrication in direct sequence
  • The AED 600 kit contains all necessary parts to build and integrate a complete spraying system.
  • The system is sold as DIY tool kit.


  • Deltaforge technology inside for perfect performance
  • Membrane valves activate nozzle functions – precise function and literally no wear
  • Modular design for individual setup
  • Manual setting of spraying parameter for lube and water with dosing needles
  • The system is prepared for lubricant circulation (important for e.g. graphite dispersions)
  • Different mounting devices allow flexible positioning
  • Only the nozzle is mounted within the working area of the press – this is increasing the lifetime of the spraying heads and facilitates the positioning of the nozzle(-s)
  • Possible integration with robots, linear reciprocators or transfer beams
  • Works very well with DAG 181-S supply systems


  • Manual pressure control unit for spraying air
  • Various nozzles setups for easy nozzle positioning: Swivel joints with fixing pins- Nozzle block with swivel nozzle
  • Filter units for: Lubricant (changing filter available), Spraying air
  • Stabilization for control air
  • Electrical control unit with Proface touch panel (HMI)
AED 600 ST
AED 600 ST
AED 600 ST
AED 600 ST
Feature Data
Control Voltage 24 V DC
Number of media 2 x liquid, 1 x air
Spraying Circuits Up to 8 individual circuits
Air Connection 1 x DIN 2553 G 1 ½“ D42 NW38
Spraying Air Pressure 5 - 8 bar
Air Consumption 40 Nl/s @ 6 bar per spray head
Control Air Connection 1 x DIN 2553 G ½“ D15 NW13
Lubricant Connection 1 x DIN 2553 G 1“ D28 NW25
Lubricant Pressure 4 - 7 bar
Connection to Return Line 1 x DIN 2553 G 1“ D28 NW25
Lubricant consumption 60 ml/s @ 6 bar per spray head
Water Connection 1 x DIN 2553 G 1“ D28 NW25
Water Pressure 4 - 7 bar
Ambient Temperature +5°C bis 40°C (w/o cooling device)