DAG 2020 R DMT

  • The robot based DAG 2020 R DMT systems offer the maximum performance level for cooling and lubricant application. The system platform is allowing a maximum level of adaption to the given forging process.
  • All functions of the system are designed for leading edge performance.
  • DAG 2020 R DMT systems are available in various sizes and designs.


  • DMT tools can be combined with robots of almost any make, e.g. ABB industrial robots, type ‘foundry’
  • Fully integrated system using the robot control
  • Complete control of media parameter (proportional technology)
  • Ease of use I – graphical process visualization in teach pendant or ‚leading control‘
  • Ease of use II – low maintenance requirements and high availability.
  • Forge-proof design and materials
  • Very good values for TCO (total cost of operation)
  • High customizing level - Best process adaption possible
  • Direct cooling and lubrication sequence possible
DAG 2020 R DMT
DAG 2020R DF 15A
DAG 2020R DF 15A
DAG 2020RH DF28
DAG 2020RH DF28
DAG 2020R DF28-1
DAG 2020R DF28-1
DAG 2020R DF15S-2P
DAG 2020R DF15S-2P

Technical Data

Feature Data
Power supply 3 x 400V/50 Hz – 2 to 15 kVA (depending on robot)
Control Voltage 24 V DC
Control Robot Control – e.g. IRC 5, KRC4, R30iB etc..
Interface Profibus; Profinet
Reach Depending on robot and length of extension beam
Payload 16 up to 1000 kg
Spraying Circuits 2 x 1 up to 2 x 12
Blowing Circuits 1
Media Circuits 2
Spraying Tool – Number of Nozzles 2 up to 68
Air Consumption Depending on system layout
Spraying Air Pressure 5 to 8 bar
Lubricant Consumption Depending on system layout
Lubricant Pressure 4 to 7 bar

2020 R DMT Spraying Tool

When you are looking for best performance in all aspects, the DMT spraying tool is the right choice.

  • Deltaforge Spraying Technology
  • Many variants in size, shape and function
  • Up to 2 x 12 circuits
  • Up to 4 circuits for media parameter for each tool side
  • Extra blowing circuit
  • Very high cooling efficiency
  • Perfect surface coating
  • Selective media change , almost instant change form coolant to lubricant
  • High availability
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Improves parts quality and die life
  • Special variants – e.g for railway wheels or for aluminum forging are available
DAG 2020 R DMT spraying tool
DAG 2020 R DMT spraying tool