DAG 2020 L

The die spray equipment DAG 2020 L is the result of long standing experience and striving for the best performance.
Especially adapted to the requirements of a efficient forging process, DAG 2020 L offers perfect performance for cooling and lubrication of forging dies.


AED’s unique DAG® 2020 Servo Linear Technology reciprocator is available in one- or two-axis versions in four different sizes, suitable for forging machines with a press force up to over 12500 tons. The cool/spray/blow circuits are programmable per cavity and available from two to several circuits. DAG 2020 Technology offers a unique combination of benefits.

  • Compact, rigid design
  • Powerful drive system
  • Flexible positioning
  • Standardized components, unique pneumatic and fluid system technology
  • Nearly zero maintenance
  • Special variants are available, e.g. press mounted version
DAG 2020 L

Technical Data

Feature Data
Power supply 3 x 400 ±10 %V/50 - 60 Hz - 5 kVA
Control Voltage 24 V DC
Interface Parallel
Stroke length 800 to 2000 mm
Spraying Height 975 to 1475 mm
Size L x w x h 2140-3140 x 1293 x 1947 mm
Spraying Circuits 2 x 1 to 2 x 4 + 1 blowing circuit; 2 media circuits
Spraying Tool 8-fold to 29-fold, max 100 kg
Air Pressure 5 to 8 bar
Lubricant Pressure 4 to 7 bar
Air Consumption ≤ 140 l/s @ 6 bar - DIN 2553 G 1 ½“ D42 NW38
Lubricant Consumption ≤ 0,5 l/s @ 6 bar - DIN 2553 G 1“ D28 NW25
Water supply 0,5 l/s

2020 L Spraying Tool

  • External atomization technology of Deltaforge nozzles eliminates blocking to almost zero.
  • Customized spray head configuration optimizes cooling efficiency and film formation. This ensures optimal metal flow and part-release avoiding interruption of production by ‘stickers’.
  • Deltaforge technology is reducing overspray, providing a cleaner working environment and minimizing waste.
  • The spray distributor is especially designed to ensure quick and smooth changes of spray heads.
  • Air-blow tubes, for cleaning scale and water/lubricant residues from cavities, are easy to add.
DAG 2020 L spraying tool
DAG 2020 L spraying tool