DAG 181-070

DAG® 181-070 is a batch mixing system with a working volume of 70 litres. The system is reliably mixing water and lubricant concentrate. By default the dosing of the lubricant is done manually. An electrical pump supplies the lubricant to the connected spraying device(s).


  • Stainless steel tank, media resistant against aggressive lubricants
  • Pressure less mixing tank
  • Electrical supply pump
  • Water connection for easy rinsing
  • Level control with acoustic warning signal


  • Slow moving stirrer (electrically driven)
  • Connection for hand spray gun (DAG® 087/090)
  • Automatic dosing unit
- Dosatron® 0.5% - 4% or 3.0% - 10.0%, incl. accessory kit and mounting   frame
- ELADOS dosing pump 0,3-2,0%, incl. accessory kit and mounting frame


  • Pump with higher delivery rate
  • Twin tank System

Customer value

  • Reliable lubricant supply
  • Ease of operation
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Variable dilution ratio (per batch)
DAG 181-S70

Technical Data

Feature Data
Tank volume 96 l

Technical Data, control unit

Feature Data
Control unit Simple control unit for monitoring the filling level, safeguarding the internal components.
Interface Potential-free interface to the higher-level control (spraying system)

Connection data

Feature Data
Release agent connection 1 x DIN 2553 G 1" D28 NW25
Water connection 1 x DIN 2553 G ½" D15 NW13
Release agent delivery rate (max.) 3000 l/h at 3.8 bar 4800 l/h at 5.8 bar
Connected load approx. 1.2 kVA approx. 1.7 kVA
Mains voltage 3 x 400V PE +/- 10 %
Mains frequency 50-60 Hz
Dosatron mixing ratio 0.5% - 4% or 3.0% - 10.0%
Elados mixing ratio 0.3% - 2%
Ambient temperature +5°C to 40°C