Flextool Die Geometry Tools

  • Starting with a standard FLEXTOOL its potential extension has almost no limits.
  • Every nozzle which is necessary for spraying the complete surface of the die can be positioned optimally. The combination of right nozzle distance and 90° spraying angle to the surface is one part of highest efficiency.
  • FLEXTOOL enables a very high level of media supply - and equally important, provides perfect control. The perfect adaption to the die geometry results in very short spraying cycles - the complete die can be treated without additional movement in ‘one shot’.
  • Even when die geometry tools can be rather big, the lightweight design of FLEXTOOL makes dynamic movement of reasonably small manipulators possible.
  • Die geometry tools can all spray machines supplied by AED Automation. The FLT 4 to FLT 8 range allows perfect adaption to the DCM-size.
  • Adaption of Flextool to non-AED spray machines, using an adaptor, is possible
  • FLEXTOOL’s can by utilized with all AED micro spray applications
Flextool Die Geometry

Saving Cycle Time with FLEXTOOL

FLEXTOOL Optimization Parts

  • The AED FLEXTOOL platform is a comprehensive toolbox allowing the adaption of the tool setup to all known process setups.
  • The high level of alignment of the spraying tool and the corresponding die geometry is leading to maximum performance of the cooling and lubricant application process.
  • The FLEXTOOL toolbox is containing numerous parts allowing the perfection of the tool’s spraying pattern.
    − Step one: Based on die geometry data the basic tool setup is created – this already is allowing a close adaption to the die‘s geometry.
    − Step two: Using the various optimization parts, any area of the die can be treated exactly as needed for best performance and efficiency.
  •  All parts can be easily added and adjusted either by the customer or the AED service team.

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