• Flow rate adjustment via dosing screw
  • Volumes adjustable via piston stroke
  • Spray functions programmable via teach panel
  • Simple and intuitive programming
  • Suitable for water-based concentrates and dilutions up to 1:15


  • Fully integrated system – turn-key solution
  • Upgrade of existing equipment is feasible in most cases
  • Robots or 2-axis linear reciprocators can be used
  • Static and dynamic spray application is feasible
  • Customized spraying tools for shortest cycle times
  • Shorter spraying time even at “big” dies
  • Combinable with external die cooling – Hybrid spray applications



Spraying Process

  • Emissions minimized
  • No “Black Hole” effects
  • Very short spraying times (usually no spray cooling)
  • Well suited for bigger dies (e.g. for structural parts)
  • Modular setup allowing step by step technology change

Die and Casting

  • Excellent release properties
  • Very clean surfaces
  • Min. porosity of castings
  • No corrosion
  • Separation of cooling and lubrication (hot spot cooling possible)
  • Increased die life


  • Excellent wetting properties
  • High wetting temperature
  • Absolutely stable - 100% concentrates, water free
  • No or less contamination of waste water with lubricant
  • Significantly less lubricant necessary
  • No risk of bacterial contamination