Minimum Quantity Spraying (MQS)

  • Water based lubricants and the related spraying technology are successfully used whenever lubrication, release properties and external thermal control (by spraying) are required.
    - Cooling and lubrication with one media (low concentrated release agent, waterbased); one process
  • MQ Spraying technologies are an additional approach to manage the lubrication and release necessities in a casting die.
    - MQS (water free release agents, high concentrates) can be used when the thermal control of the die is managed by internal means, so there is no or very limited necessity for cooling by spraying.
  • MQS = usually focus on internal die cooling
    Some hotspot cooling by spraying is possible, but will increase spraying times The combination of Flextool™ & DELTASPEED technology is allowing to combine external spray cooling and oil spraying – this could be a good compromise when fully internal cooling is not achievable.
  • MQS requires accurate low quantity dosing of the lubricant in combination with high performance atomization during the entire spraying time. The dosing and atomization technology is very important – wrong media quantities, droplet sizes or inadequate kinetic energy of the droplets will result in film building failures/process failures

Film Building with MQS

  • No or limited spray-cooling - Focus on lubricant application
  • Spraying low quantities of active lubricant
MQS Film building
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