Deltaspeed Tools

  • Following the trend for ‘Minimum Quantity Spraying (MQS),  AED has developed a system which is meeting all requirements for an accurate application of water-free release agents - DELTASPEED
  • The AED FLEXTOOL Technology with its unique features is used as base for DELTASPEED MQS. For any MQS application a high level of dosing quality is essential. Perfect MQS results cannot be achieved by just using ‘small nozzles’
  • Depending on the defined spraying strategy of the process, DELTASPEED can be configured – the platform is allowing perfect ‘fit for process’ alignment.
  • Every aspect of MQS is carefully attended - starting with the handling of the lubricant and not ending with a perfectly smooth lubricant layer on the die surface.
  • The combination of Flextool and DELTASPEED Technology is also allowing to combine spraying strategies  e.g. ‘Power Spraying’ – Fine Spraying - MQS



Spraying Process
+ Emissions minimized
+ No “Black Hole” effects
+ Variable tool set-up for perfect surface coverage
+ Very short spraying times (usually no spray cooling)
+ Well suited for bigger dies (e.g. for structural parts)
+ Modular setup allowing step by step technology change

Die and Casting+ Excellent release properties
+ Very clean surfaces
+ Min. porosity of castings
+ No corrosion
+ Separation of cooling and lubrication (hot spot cooling possible)
+ Increased die life

+ Excellent wetting properties
+ High wetting temperature (up to 500 °C)
+ Absolutely stable - 100% concentrates, water free
+ No or less contamination of waste water with lubricant
+ Significantly less lubricant necessary
+ No risk of bacterial contamination

Deltaspeed Tools