Deltaspeed Nozzle


  • Various setups are possible
  • Fully integrated system – turn-key solution
  • Upgrade of existing equipment is feasible in most cases
  • Robots or 2-axis linear reciprocators can be used
  • Static and dynamic spray application is feasible
  • Customized spraying tools for shortest cycle times
  • Low(er) number of nozzles – easy setup and maintenance
  • Lower spraying time even at “big” dies
  • Combinable with external die cooling – “mixed” applications
  • AED process know how and services for installation, set-up and process optimization


DELTASPEED Nozzle - Range

  • For 1 m² of die surface and a targeted layer thickness of 3 to 5 µm a volume of ~ 3 to 5 ml of release agent (100% active ingredients) is needed (assuming a high application efficiency)
    → Accurate dosing of the media is key for good results
  • 3 variants for different spraying densities available
  • Up to 11 s spraying time supporting dynamic spraying
  Unit A-18602
Shot - Volume ml  0,3  0,8 1,7
Volume Flow ml/s  0,028 0,073   0,164
Variable Spraying Pattern
Spraying Pattern ‚c´-narrow‘ ‚c-wide‘ ‚oval‘
Distance to Die: ~ 300 mm c-narrow c-wide oval
Covered surface area Ø 80 mm Ø 240 mm Ø 320 x 70 mm
Spraying Density
Spraying Density [µm/cm²s]
Spraying Density