• The DELTASPEED technology is a special upgrade for FLEXTOOL™ spraying tools. A combination of FLEXTOOL™ modules plus the DELTASPEED kit ist allowing the application of extra low quantities of release agent. This technology combines MQS with the speed requrements of today's processes.
  • The installation of the DELTASPEED system can be based on a standard DAG© 1000 MCT linear sprayer or a DAG© 3000 FLT Robospray system.
  • This is an add on technology - thus it could be added to almost any spraying system.


The DELASPEED technology is composed of:

1 = DELTASPEED nozzle on Flextool base
2 = DELTASPEED Connector box for lube and energy
3 = DELTASPEED control module
4 = DELTASPEED supply unit

Deltaspeed Kit