DAG 183 BMD Dosing-, Mixing- and Supply -System for Water Based Release Agents and Lubricants

  • DAG 183 BMD is a fully automatic dosing-, mixing- and supply-system for high pressure die casting.
  • The system is accurately mixing water based release agents and supplying the ready for use dilution to the spray machine.
  • The dilution ratio, time and date are recorded for QM purposes.


  • High dosing and mixing accuracy by volumetric mixing instead of a dosing pump
  • System works with a broad range of different lubricants
  • Adjustable dilution ratio 1:80 to 1:400
  • High supply capacity, enough even for large spraying tools
  • Supply pressure 2 bar to 9 bar
  • Low maintenance needs
  • The design as an almost closed system reduces the risk for bacteria contamination
  • Process parameters can be recorded
  • PLC control with touch panel for easy operation
  • Closed cabinet design with small footprint
  • Extension to central lubricant supply system possible

Customer benefits

  • Ease of operation - Low maintenance requirements
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Systems is meeting requirements of quality management
  • Cost effective

Technical Data

Feature Data
Control unit Vipa CPU 214  
Teach panel Proface  
Volume mixing tank 70 l
Release agent delivery rate 500-5700 l/h 500-10000l/h
Pressure 6,1 bar 9,5 bar
Dilution ratio 1:80-1:400
Tolerance +/- 5%
Supply pump Grundfos
Concentrate pump Yamada

Connection Data

Feature Data
Compressed air 1 x DIN 2553 G ¼“ D10 NW8
Air pressure 6 bar
Water (input) 1 x DIN 2553 G 3/4“ D22 NW20
Water pressure (input) 3 bar
Water flow rate (input) ~10m³/h
Release agent concentrate (input) 1 x DIN 2553 G ¼“ D10 NW8
Dilution (output) 1 x DIN 2553 G 1“ D28 NW25 / 1 x DIN 2553 G 1 ½ “ D42 NW38
Connected load ca. 5 kVA
Mains voltage 3 x 400V +/- 10 %
Mains frequency 50-60 Hz
Ambient temperature +5°C bis 40°C

Central Supply System

  • Based on the same design principles as the described single BMD, AED also offers extended versions with lubricant outputs of up to 30000 l/h and mixing capacities of 5400 l/h assuming e.g. a 3-fold system.
  • Based on the supply requirements of the casting cell the 183 BMD can be configured - the modular setup is allowing almost any supply rate which is needed in casting plants.


  • Pressure compensation tanks (integrated in line)


  • High output
  • Perfect process control
  • Reliable lubricant supply
  • Reliable and cost effective operation