Handling Solutions

  • AED offers sophisticated part handling solutions for casting or forging processes.
  • The handling system can be based on linear as well as robotic manipulators.
  • The handling system is especially designed to meet the harsh conditions of foundry environments.
  • AED is integrating standard grippers or if necessary, tailor made solutions.
  • The combination of handling and spraying systems can be an effective solution.


DAG 4000 robot based handling can be also combined with DAG 2020 R DMT spraying technology

  • Many variants – perfect adaption to any process environment
  • Direct process flow of part handling and die spraying
  • Cost effective (one manipulator saved)
  • Cycle time reduction


DAG 1200 and DAG 1100 Systems are a very effective solution to combine

  • spraying,
  • handling
  • high reach and payload requirements
  • High precision and repeatability of positioning
DAG 2020RH DF28
DAG 2020RH DF28
DAG 2020R DF28-1
DAG 2020R DF28-1
DAG 1200 and DAG 1100 Systems
DAG 1200 and DAG 1100 Systems